Distribution partnerships

The first assay, a high-sensitivity troponin-I test, is planned launched in 2022 with a heart failure marker, NT-pro-BNP, and other assays to follow. We welcome partnering initiatives from healthcare companies with attractive distribution networks both regionally and globally.

Co-development partnerships

The SpinChip technology will bring added value to several methodology fields including hematologic methods (flowcytometry like), a variety of clinical chemistries, molecular diagnostics and companion diagnostics. Particularly sample processing including homogenisation, extraction and separation steps of e.g. tissue or faecal samples could be performed efficiently within a sealed cartridge. SpinChip is searching for competent partners to exploit these fields. Our present focus is on human in vitro diagnostics, but we also see a significant potential within veterinary diagnostics as well as other point of use analyses and advanced fluidic processing.

Please contact CEO Lars Halvor Langmoen (lhl@spinchip.no) to explore partnership opportunities.