Management Team


Lars Halvor Langmoen,  Chief Executive Officer

Langmoen was appointed CEO of SpinChip Diagnostics in January 2013. Prior to joining SpinChip Diagnostics, Langmoen served at the management team of NorSun AS. The company was Norway’s fastest growing technology company during the years 2007 – 2011. Langmoen also spent five years with DnB NOR (now DNB), the largest financial group in Norway. He has a master’s degree in business administration and economics from Norwegian School of Economics.



Stig Morten Borch,  Chief Scientific Officer

Borch is the inventor of the SpinChip concept and has been leading the development of the SpinChip platform since 2008, first within SINTEF and later within SpinChip Diagnostics. He has more than 35 years of experience from R&D management within the medtech industry including 15 years as R&D director at Nycomed Diagnostics and at Axis Shield PoC having the overall responsibility in the development of the NycoCard and the Afinion platforms from idea to work-like & look-like prototype respectively.



Birgitte Booij (PhD), VP Business Development

Dr. Booij joined SpinChip Diagnostics in 2014 and leads SpinChip’s business development and product strategy activities. She has more than 15 years leadership experience within commercial diagnostics development from Axis-Shield, Diagenic and Clavis Pharma. Booij holds a PhD in biotechnology from the University of Cambridge, UK and a MSc in chemistry from University of Groningen, The Netherlands.



Rolf Jahren , VP Instrument Development and Industrialisation

Jahren is leading the SpinChip instrument development. He has more than 20 years of experience with design of products manufactured in high volume for demanding and professional customers. Jahren has also experience with start-up companies as board member of Tandberg Storage AS and manager of electronics development at Halfwave AS.  Jahren has a Cand Scient degree in Physics from University of Oslo.


Didrik Paus (PhD), Director Assay Development

Dr. Paus joined SpinChip Diagnostics in 2015 and is heading the assay development within SpinChip. Paus has more than 15 years of experience covering a wide range of immunoassays from Medical Research Council (MRC), Affitech and SpinChip Diagnostics. Didrik holds a PhD in molecular immunology from MRC, Cambridge, UK and a MSc in biophysics from NTNU.


Steven Hill, Director Cartridge Prototyping and Manufacturing

Hill heads up SpinChip’s Cartridge prototype and manufacturing development. He has more than 20 years of mass manufacturing and prototyping experience within Plastics processing and Industrial design from New Zealand and Norway. Hill has a New Zealand Certificate of Engineering from Manukau Institute of Technology.


Anja Gulliksen (PhD), Director Quality Assurance

Dr. Gulliksen is responsible for the Quality Assurance systems within SpinChip and also leads certain feasibility projects. Gulliksen has more than 15 years R&D experience with multidisciplinary lab-on-a-chip PoC IVD technology platforms from NorChip AS, SINTEF and SpinChip Diagnostics. She is Dr. Scient in molecular biology and microsystem technology from University of Oslo.