SpinChip Diagnostics’ shareholders are a combination of venture capital investors, business angels and employees. The three largest shareholders are Investinor, Sintef Venture III and Tronrud Engineering.


Investinor is an evergreen investment company funded by the Norwegian government. It invests in promising unlisted (private) companies aiming for international growth and expansion, and manages NOK 4.2 billion (mEuro 525). Investinor is the largest player in the Norwegian market for venture and growth capital.


SINTEF Venture III is a seed investment fund fully owned by SINTEF. SINTEF is the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia. SINTEF Venture III invests in companies and technologies based on research done by, and spun out from, SINTEF. The fund is managed by SINTEF TTO, the IPR management and commercialisation company of SINTEF.  The fund has done 9 investments.

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Tronrud Engineering AS is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies in developing and manufacturing advanced machinery, giving its customers competitive advantages and profitability. Established in 1977 by Ola Tronrud, the company has more than 175 employees in Norway and Singapore.